Trey Welstad

Overcoming Low Yields and a Market Downturn with a Rising Dividend Strategy

In just the last six months, the convergence of historically low Treasury yields, increasing stock market volatility, and the looming threat of a recession has been creating a challenging time for income-seeking investors.

We believe that it is critically important for retirees and pre-retirees to understand the risks of reaching for higher yields and to consider alternative strategies for creating lifetime income sufficiency.

Right now, a rising-dividend strategy may be the best option for weathering the storm while generating a sustainable and growing income.

(Trey Welstad, November 2019)
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Train out of track

The Fear of Running Out of Money is Real

Retirement isn’t a game. The financial stakes are serious. The prospect of running out of money in retirement is terrifying and real.

In the search for retirement income, many investors often:

  • Underestimate inflation risk.
  • Sell dividend paying stocks.
  • Lock in low income for life.
  • Chase yield.
  • Hold more bonds than stocks when interest rates are low.
(Michael Morey, August 2019)
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The Power of Five

How to Use Dividend-Paying Stocks to Create a Strong and Growing Retirement Income

Americans are living longer than ever before. That means retirement nest eggs need to last longer than ever before—and generate a steadily-growing income to keep pace with the rising cost of living throughout their retirement years—and to be sustainable in both bull and bear markets.

(Shannon Radke, April 2019)
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