Inside the Mind of the Dividend Investor

The information included in this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice or recommendations. Investing involves risks including the loss of principal. Dividends are not guaranteed. A company may discontinue their dividend or change their dividend policy at any time. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Trey Welstad

Overcoming Low Yields and a Market Downturn with a Rising Dividend Strategy

In just the last six months, the convergence of historically low Treasury yields, increasing stock market volatility, and the looming threat of a recession has been creating a challenging time for income-seeking investors.

We believe that it is critically important for retirees and pre-retirees to understand the risks of reaching for higher yields and to consider alternative strategies for creating lifetime income sufficiency.

Right now, a rising-dividend strategy may be the best option for weathering the storm while generating a sustainable and growing income.

(Trey Welstad, November 2019)
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Train out of track

The Fear of Running Out of Money is Real

Retirement isn’t a game. The financial stakes are serious. The prospect of running out of money in retirement is terrifying and real.

In the search for retirement income, many investors often:

  • Underestimate inflation risk.
  • Sell dividend paying stocks.
  • Lock in low income for life.
  • Chase yield.
  • Hold more bonds than stocks when interest rates are low.
(Michael Morey, August 2019)
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The Power of Five

How to Use Dividend-Paying Stocks to Create a Strong and Growing Retirement Income

Americans are living longer than ever before. That means retirement nest eggs need to last longer than ever before—and generate a steadily-growing income to keep pace with the rising cost of living throughout their retirement years—and to be sustainable in both bull and bear markets.

(Shannon Radke, April 2019)
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